Have Courage and Faith

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Having courage or faith is not always easy when life is not working out the way we had planned or unexpected events happen that plunge us into grief or remorse or wishing it could have been different.

Reflecting on how you coped before in a similar situation can be helpful, to remind yourself you have been there before and managed to work through it. This is a self reassurance that you had courage to do this at that time and that strengthens your faith in yourself which gives you hope that you can manage again and get through. it.

Sometimes brainstorming the situation on The positive  and Not so Positive outcomes, can be useful. Write these out or draw symbols and metaphors that represent the outcomes.

Meeting up with others or groups that have had similar situations or affects in life can also provide support and avoids the isolation that can hinder your self esteem and confidence that you can work through this. Others in similar situations can be really helpful just to know that you are not alone in all of this. Also go out for a walk in nature if you can, as this can often clear your head, refresh your mind and let the mental processes work through as you look and feel and use different senses that allows the mind to recharge. Often helps you to come up with different ideas or inspiration after a change of scenery or surroundings. Nature can really help us ground ourselves, leading to peace and restoration of the mind and body.

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