WE Are What We Think

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This may sound crazy to many people but to others it is an accepted part of our mental health and well being, that in changing any negative thought to a more realistic and positive one can lift us into a state of hope and peace from which we can make  positive changes and manifest opportunities that move us forward. As I work with many people who experience huge trauma impacting on this negativity through these experiences, it can be very difficult for many  to alleviate these negative thought patterns. My Bible based clients manage this much more easily as they recognize that another dimensional power(known as Anti-Christ, Demonic, Lucifer, Satan etc),other than Almightly God our Creator, can be responsible for these unwanted intrusive thoughts. Using the Blood of Jesus to protect their minds and embracing the seed of the Light of our creator which resides in our Spirit, can dissolve these dark thoughts. I have worked with suicidal clients who have been supernaturally saved from death more than once in their lives and see amazing turn arounds of positiveness and a sense of feeling their own purpose and they heal and restore very quickly by using these guidelines. The Bible speaks openly of being watchful of our thoughts.   This battle against negativity is not always easy when in a low sense of depression, stress and anxiety,especially after life changing crisis events and transitions, but the easiest way to pull yourself out of this pattern of thinking, is to distract yourself with an alternative task other than thinking. Physical exercise, or cleaning, breathing and relaxation techniques, listening to music or watching a funny video are some ideas. Just experiment to find what suits. Most of us know what can soothe us, but once again many turn to drugs and alcohol, eating excessively, and being reckless in their behaviour patterns to just remove these thoughts.  If overwhelming you may need to seek medical intervention for anti anxiety or antidepressants for a short time to help your mind to rest which also helps the body to restore. My sexual abuse clients often start with short term medication as their anxiety levels are so on the Flight/Fright response they are now in overdrive and feel so out of control.   See My LINKS tab for videos on Mental Health Resources.   After a few months they then relax a lot more, gain more energy, can sleep better and they start to feel in control again. All this time though they are trying out different techniques that can distract theses negative intrusions. Talking things through really helps to gain understanding of how their body reactions and responses work. Processing the body memory sources to bring restoration and healing to that wound are also very beneficial.   Now not all of us have endured such extreme experiences, but most of us at times do get these negative thoughts. So remember to not acknowledge these as being of your true self, but of the personality part that reflects the behaviour patterns. See the "Problem as the problem" and not the person. Place it in its own filing drawer that is only a part of you.   People spiral down very quickly when they think that this is "just me". That is not true. You were not born with these thoughts. They have been placed upon you by your life  experiences and others. Your reaction of rejection, low self esteem, indecisiveness etc, is just the result of these. Reframe the statement you just heard or said about yourself into a positive uplifting one. Write it out and paste it on your wall or fridge and say it many times through the day. Prayer, Inner Healing Work and Reprogramming is the only way to change our false beliefs. Our minds are so amazing and the power lies with us in how to change it. Take control and do this for yourself...  Try it and see how it works!!.  
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