How Life Coaching Inspires Positive Outcomes In Life

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How many of you are feeling emotionally drained, overburdened and unmotivated in your life right now? Probably more people than you really realise, face these emotional dilemma’s daily. Most of us would have experienced the sense of“how am I going to cope”at some point in our life or questioned “what is my purpose” or, “what is my future going to look like”? These emotional turmoils can really deplete our energy and make us feel out of control and on edge, impacting negatively on our health. As a Life Coach, I, Annarah, can tailor some sessions that can help you define your goals, strengths, learning style and time management skills plus help analyse your personality, and everyday belief systems to understand if they are supporting you or blocking your way forward.

If more in-depth therapy is required to resolve unwanted behaviours or beliefs other Counselling models such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Creative Art, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP),etc., can be helpful or if requiring a more holistic, spiritual approach then Inner Healing Therapy and Truth/Belief Therapy can be incorporated, depending on your requirements.

These therapies can help stabilize and regulate our emotional mental well-being, leading to feeling in control once again and normalizing your everyday life, thus reducing the sense of overload, stress and unfulfilled purpose.

Three of the major behaviour scenarios that these techniques and models are highly effective for are;

    • Overcoming Addictions

Addictions can encompass many aspects of our lives and are identified to be one of the strongest barriers in our path to inner healing. Thought patterns often make excuses or minimize the actual behavior pattern, so we think we are all OK, but when we reflect on these behaviors and ask ourselves “Can I live without this in my life”, then that will be your answer to “Am I in control or is my drinking, drug taking, pornography viewing, over eating, over exercising, overworking etc., in control”.

Finding the root cause of what really started this addiction is often different to what you think it is. Remembering all these patterns are just band-aids to the real hurts such as rejection, trauma, abuse, abandonment, that others have placed upon you when little or life experiences at any age, setting up the false belief patterns, that you then start believing this to be true of who and what you are. Most people have these in their thought patterns, but the intensity or degree of the experience and resulting beliefs, is what governs the behaviour patterns and time frames for healing and resolving these is also very different for each person.

  • Managing Stress, through Relaxation

Have you been suffering from sleeping disorders and digestive problems of late? Did you know that these problems and many other health-related disorders are all aggravated by “STRESS”? When we are agitated and overworking our mind, the nervous system reacts pouring out the hormone Cortisol which can affect our heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, digestive system, sleep patterns, memory function, energy levels etc., which increases the risk of depression, mental illness lower life expectancy.

Booking a restorative, relaxation session, incorporating Spiritual Healing can amazingly reduce stress. Hands-on Healing engaging with the Holy Spirit is very calming and uplifting and can be incorporated into a session or used as a stand-alone therapy. Individualized Relaxation techniques can also be created and practised incorporating visual, breathing and body sensations, known as Autogenic Relaxation.

  • Depression, PTSD And Anxieties

Anxiety and depressions both have a root cause and once they are discussed, understood, and accepted that they will improve, the intensity can lessen as you know that there are hope and a way through this. You are not alone.

 NLP techniques, CBT, Visual or auditory Relaxation Techniques, Spiritual Healing, Inner Healing Therapy, Creative Therapy, are all helpful depending on which models suit you as each person retains and used their senses differently. Then, there are people suffering from more severe PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), initiated from traumas such as physical and sexual abuse. Healing and restoration from this abuse take a lot longer so I can gain funding for sessions for Sexual Abuse Trauma to help with the costs, as I am an ACC registered counsellor. Also, Disability funding from WINZ is also available if you qualify.

Visiting a Herbalist for a nervine remedy is often helpful for these conditions and many are available to buy off the shelf. St John’s Wort is well known for helping depression. Passion Flower and Hops are great for the nervous system. Also, low B Vitamins and Magnesium levels aggravate anxiety and depression. A visit to your doctor is always advisable as medications might be needed for a short while to help your body and mind to regulate.


The Ultimate Benefits Of A Life Coach In Counselling Services

Spiritual healing therapies incorporated into life coaching have positive outcomes in people by helping reduce depression, stress, anxiety and addictions, but what do you think are its ultimate benefits? Listed below, are a few of the positive outcomes:

  • Bring clarity to exposing fears and restrictions you may have placed on your life through worn out beliefs and values.
  • Walk beside you to uncover your dreams, visions and passions.
  • Motivate you to implement steps and goals to achieve your desired outcome.
  • Mentor you with unconditional positive regard in a non-judgement approach who will listen, offer feedback and have a commitment towards your success.
  • Believe in your true potential and ability “to accept the things you cannot change, to have the courage to change the things you can and to have the wisdom to know the difference”.


Life Coaching, a significant part of counselling services, always brings about many positive outcomes, as it is an overview of your life and is very practically orientated with tasks and questions with more focus on the here and now and going forward, than the past. Improved self-awareness and understanding of how you relate and communicate with others is achieved. More in-depth therapy can be integrated if needed for major blocks that may be sabotaging your desired dreams and goals. My intuitive, visionary gifts often enhance sessions, as the power of the Holy Spirit is always present bringing upliftment, healing and truth as we work together.

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