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"Empowering you" to discover the “true you that were born to be”.  Incorporating Inner Healing, Aroma Healing oils, guided N.LP meditations, to help transform

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Transformation and Restoration

Healing through the power of the Holy Spirit enhances your spiritual, emotional and physical well being



Acceptance, Forgiveness and Self-Love

Brings – Hope ,Purpose, Worthiness, Empowerment and Peace within


Changing Our Thought Patterns

Impacts positively on our behaviour, our future and purpose and other special people in our lives.




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Spiritual and self awareness

We are all spiritual beings living an earthly experience and as we can...

Spiritual inner healing therapy

This therapy can consist of different modalities and processing levels,...

Spiritual insights and personal revelation

These sessions are Holy Spirit inspired and are given to me when praying...

Holistic pulsing

 This service is currently unavailable    

Supernatural and Futuristic info

So much information is now availalbe from around the world looking into...

Counselling and Life Coaching

Most of us at times can feel burdened and overworked by life’s challenges...

WellBeing Information

Living a balanced and holistic type lifestyle not only involves calming...


In my therapeutic practice I, Annarah, offer Spiritually aware, Holistic Counselling and Life Coaching. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming, Inner Healing Therapy and Spiritual Self -awareness, facilitating positive change and understanding of unhelpful behaviour patterns for young people 13 years and over and adults.

Main areas that I work with include; Stress, PTSD, anxiety, physical and sexual abuse, addictions, anger management, communication and relationship dynamics, grief, major life or career transitions, personal dreams, goals and spiritual development. Deeper levels of dysfunctional patterns, resulting from trauma or crisis experiences, can resolve more effectively using Inner Healing and Inner Child Integration,  plus models including CBT, Art Therapy, Creative Writing, Mindfulness and Relaxation.

I am an ACC Registered Counsellor for Sensitive Claims, which enhances my passion of working with survivors of sexual abuse, their partners, and other associated family members to gain understanding and insight into the effects of this abuse. I also offer spiritual healing and relaxation sessions which helps the mind and body to relax, reset and restore.

My clinical practice, Cleansing Heart Healing, is based in Rotorua in the Bay of Plenty Region, in New Zealand, for face to face consultations, or if from another region, city or country can have consultations via skype, video call or phone call.





Seeing Annarah has been significant in the process towards recovery and healing. She is approachable, genuine and honest. She adapts to meet the needs of the client. This has helped me in moving through past hurts and present situations. Being able to share and have someone listen that is supportive and understanding has made a positive difference in my life.(Client from Rotorua)


I gained so much courage and strength from Annarah’s Spiritual Inner Healing therapy. She helped me to understand and release a lot of negative thoughts, which helped my health as well and the way I viewed life. I got my life back and was able to move forward and start again, to embrace what I really loved. I had sessions for about a year, and always felt unconditional love and support for who I was. I lost a lot of shame and guilt and have grown to love and respect myself. Thank you so much Annarah. (Client from Tauranga)


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