Benefits of Involving Spiritual Healing In Counselling Services

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Including Spiritual Healing with professional transformational counselling, to bring about a sense of peace and relaxation within oneself, has been somewhat scrutinized as to its benefits or necessity and often considered outside the norms of what counselling is or should be. But, nonetheless, in my many years of practice it seems to come with with a high success rate in cases of trauma, anxiety and depression in numbers too many to ignore.

Whereas, working with Spiritual Insights/ Direction as an individual healing therapy also seems to assist this process through giving hope, forward thinking and understanding in ones sense of purpose, and to know that normalization and restoration does happen even though it may take time.

So what does Spirituality entail? Has it got anything to do with religion? Can we practice it without a therapist? Some of these questions are explained in this blog.

Spiritual Healing

How Spiritual Healing Can Heal You, Emotionally and Psychologically

When we speak of “healing” we first need to know our wounds right. When it comes to bodily wounds, illnesses etc., Spiritual Healing has been documented many times, attaining to improvement and complete healing. This is called Spiritual Physical Healing which is accepted throughout the world. It is a supernatural, amazing, unseen powerful energy that is often felt as a warm and sometimes hot sensation, with tingling like shivers all over the body.

So that is the physical sensation but it doesn't seem to end there as many, many people also feel an overwhelming sense of love, feel safe, and often feel a huge sense of peace that calms and relaxes the mind and body. So when this process occurs, people let go and stop overthinking, and clarity and truth manifests regarding their current situation. I have observed this in individuals countless times. These worn out beliefs and dysfunctional behavior patterns that can prevent people reaching their full potential, will often loose their intensity and often clear completely.  So problems such as bad memories, depression, anxiety, addictions, fears and failure in coping with certain everyday situations can really be transformed by this body, mind and spiritual encounter. We really do not fully realise how powerful we are in our ability to change what we don't want in our lives.

Spirituality is a belief that something exists in the universe beyond our recognition and even understanding, from which we can source some valuable gifts, like courage, confidence, tolerance, creativity and many other unfathomable elements of human nature. This belief is very strong and real for a person that it often shapes a religion. However, spirituality is broader in spectrum than religion, it is so pivotal in helping  individuals gain mental and emotional strength so as to face life’s challenges.

I, Annarah Herd, am an ACC Registered Counselor, who has been working on individualistic counselling services with different individuals, with the most extraordinary stories. And times over, I have come to believe, that spiritual healing does work in a positive sense, for the betterment of the body and mind.

Healing Therapy

What Does Spiritual Healing Entail As A Healing Therapy

As a therapy, spiritual healing can aid relaxation and uplift the mind, which in turn, affects an individual to feel stronger, calmer and experience more joy and happiness, as they gain peace of mind, and more self-control in their life.

In this therapy, I says a simple prayer to myself or out loud if the person wants, to engage us both in communion with the power of the Holy Spirit. With a gentle touch, and with your permission, I may place my hands on your head or shoulders, or hold your hands, and encourage you to breathe deeply and consciously, encouraging the body and mind to relax.  Such a session relaxes and activates your parasympathetic (heart and breathing rates etc.,) and sympathetic nervous system (affects tension, fatigue, anxiety and depression etc.,) that in turn reduces this stress and tension being held in your body which effects your whole physical and emotional well-being.

Spiritual Inner Healing therapy may also include Neuro Linguistic Programming, where individuals are encouraged to communicate positive statements that replace the negative thoughts and feelings that are problematic in their lives. Painful memories or experiences that might have been subconsciously tormenting you can be alleviated or changed by using certain techniques in NLP. Individuals are always in control of what and how they want to say this and are discussed before using any of these techniques. Each session is tailored to individual needs to inspire a positive outcome.

Truth or Belief Therapy can also be a part of Spiritual Inner Healing Therapy and a prominent resource most helpful for counselling  and life coaching. Sometimes, people need a little support, emotionally and mentally— a life coach, who will walk alongside to help with strategies and tools to help navigate the life they desire; to gather strength to carry on, perform well at school, or at work. Or cope with problems such as lack of confidence, facing problems to communicate in general, or an aspect of your physical appearance causing you to believe you feel inferior to others. Often the root cause derives from others placing their beliefs on you which is “false”. There can be such diverse conditions that can have a negative impression on your Quality of Life and you have the ability to change this!!

A typical session of Truth/Belief is a restorative process that too, like NLP, induces responsible, positive communication. It gives you strength to see the truth beyond all the impositions you get from the outside world.


As a therapy, Spiritual Inner Healing consists of rather personalized modules that are created as per an individual’s personal beliefs, and requirements. This is always something worth trying, before going for any kind of medication, and advanced therapy. This kind of “natural healing” therapy does not have a side effect. The affectability of this therapy takes a varied pace of positive outcome on each individual.

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