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How Life Coaching Inspires Positive Outcomes In Life

How many of you are feeling emotionally drained, overburdened and unmotivated in your life right now? Probably more people than you really realise, face these emotional dilemma’s daily. Most of us would have experienced the sense of“how am I going to cope”at some point in our life or questioned “what is my purpose” or, “what […]

Benefits of Involving Spiritual Healing In Counselling Services

Including Spiritual Healing with professional transformational counselling, to bring about a sense of peace and relaxation within oneself, has been somewhat scrutinized as to its benefits or necessity and often considered outside the norms of what counselling is or should be. But, nonetheless, in my many years of practice it seems to come with with […]

Have Courage and Faith

Having courage or faith is not always easy when life is not working out the way we had planned or unexpected events happen that plunge us into grief or remorse or wishing it could have been different. Reflecting on how you coped before in a similar situation can be helpful, to remind yourself you have […]

WE Are What We Think

This may sound crazy to many people but to others it is an accepted part of our mental health and well being, that in changing any negative thought to a more realistic and positive one can lift us into a state of hope and peace from which we can make  positive changes and manifest opportunities […]