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Living a balanced and holistic type lifestyle not only involves calming and restoring your mind and emotions, but also includes being aware of what you are eating to fuel your body and also considering what is the best option for you regarding leisure activities, sport or exercise etc., to help your body to function physically at its optimum level for you.

I have for about thirty years been very aware of how different foods affect the body functions, through my own diet related sensitivities and those of my children. Much research and experimentation has helped me to work out what my body requires, food wise, to help it function the most efficiently. I have also experienced gastrointestinal health problems from when I was a young child, which subsided when I made different dietary changes, including becoming dairy free, gluten free and removing sugar from my diet to only include certain fruits and using green stevia, rice syrup and pureed fruit instead of cane sugars. My energy increased and my IBS alleviated. My physical healing journey has also been an important contributing factor towards my full recovery from my Childhood Sexual Abuse trauma.

 I believe that all of us are very linked with our emotions and mind contributing to the wellbeing and functioning of our physical bodies. This practice is generically called Body/Mind Therapy or concepts.

So to me “We become what we think” and many of you will know the saying “you are what you eat”. These two for me go hand in hand and many of us today have lots of health problems which could be improved by looking at our diets as well as our mental health. Many people do have strong and efficient digestive systems but there seems to be a trend developing in our present world for so many to have digestive problems, especially so if you are a very sensitive and gentle person. Our world today is very toxic compared to our grandparents so we have to be more watchful of what we eat and use on our bodies, for better health.


Dietary Recommendations and Information

Try to incorporate food in your diet that is in its natural state as possible, without additives and preservatives. Eat organic or non sprayed fruit and vegetables when you can and avoid all processed grains, such as white flour products, white rice, sugar and common table salt. Use free range, organic or sustainably sourced eggs, fish and meats. Avoid pork due to its known toxicity.

Include nuts, seeds, sprouts and lots of raw salad vegetables in your daily eating. Consume approx 20% of proteins or grains and 80%  vegetables at your meals. Avoid using white sugar and reducing high fruit consumption including fruit smoothies etc., can also help the inflammation in the body which contributes to all disease as it causes imbalances in the Gut Flora which inhibits our food digestion and assimilation.

Artificial sweeteners, medications such as hormone replacement, steroids, over use of supplements, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and trans-fatty acids ( i.e., margarines, cooking fats) should also be avoided so as to diminish the load on our livers as it detoxifies our bodies.

Many of us eat too much protein and grain and not enough vegetables and also combine foods incorrectly at meals with inhibits the natural digestive processes. These concentrated foods burden our digestive system, causing many health problems including digestive disturbances, weight problems, arthritis, heart conditions, diabetes etc. This is due to our bodies becoming highly toxic and nutrient deficient through these foods not being properly absorbed and digested. The undigested food stays in the digestive tract, sugars ferment and proteins putrefy creating a toxic environment that makes your blood more acidic and allows yeast, viruses, cancer cells and parasites to grow inside you. Your inner ecosystem becomes damaged and you are more prone to illness and conditions such as Leaky Gut, Candidiasis, IBS, etc..

Studies show that heavy metal and chemical toxins and mineral deficiency contributes to over 90% of all diseases. Our physical environment is already highly toxic and our soils are deficient in minerals compared to 50 years ago. The introduction of processed and pasteurized foods, antibiotics and other drugs and environmental toxins into our systems has destroyed the natural balance that was created for us. Our ancestors had much healthier inner ecosystems, were healthier and had more efficient digestive systems, compared to many of us today. They didn't have to worry so much about combining meat and potatoes or bread and cheese in one meal


Why Food Combining Works

It is, therefore, important for us to do everything we can to insure thorough and complete digestion of all foods eaten. By eating easily digested and uncomplicated foods such as raw fruit and mostly raw vegetables and by eating food in compatible combinations, Eating moderate amounts at meals and spacing them apart. Also not consuming drinks too soon or after meals to avoid dilution of food digestive enzymes and not too eat while feeling stressed or emotionally upset..

Foods can be alkaline, acidic or neutral in your body. The foods we eat and the lifestyle choices we make impact our body's ability to maintain that alkaline state.  To maintain health, your blood must be slightly alkaline and not too acidic, as you become more susceptible to illness and disease. Different food groups prompt different enzymes to be secreted in your stomach, and each enzyme needs either an acid or alkaline environment in which to break down your food.

          >  When you eat animal proteins like eggs, meat, poultry, or fish, your stomach produce   hydrochloric acid and an enzyme called pepsin to digest them in the ideal, highly acidic conditions.

          > When you eat a starchy vegetable, like pumpkin or potatoes or a grain like  buckwheat,  an enzyme called ptyalin is secreted, which develops an alkaline condition because that is what is ideal for these foods to digest properly.

The enzyme ptyalin (salivary amylase) that initiates starch digestion is active in an alkaline medium only and is destroyed by a mild acid. On the other hand, pepsin, the enzyme that initiates protein digestion is active only in an acid medium. If starches and proteins are eaten together, the acid gastric juice destroys the ptyalin and puts an end to salivary digestion of starch. Research shows that the presence of the undigested starch in the stomach interferes with the digestion of protein and shows up in stool tests as undigested protein. So eating these two food groups together is totally avoided if you want to obtain optimum health.

By following the principles of proper food combining, you will begin to heal your digestive system and allow it to function as it was meant to. You will also experience health benefits including; diminished bloating, stomach gas and gurgling, weight loss if overweight, because properly combined food is assimilated and allows your body to metabolize food better, rather than store it as fat. You will also feel lighter and more energized.

Having a few months of eating in a simple way and being watchful of your food combinations can help heal your digestive lining and help reset an overloaded digestive system and assist the liver and other organs to cleanse and detoxify.


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