Spiritual insights and personal revelation

These sessions are Holy Spirit inspired and are given to me when praying for you in simple everyday language. Often people, and experiences are revealed to me that is operating or influencing your life right now. Sometimes the past is shown because that is what you are needing to address to heal and restore. You might just need to feel loved, comforted and the peace that brings clarity to a life situation. Sometimes God reveals a revelation for your future, but usually what’s given is for your present day life. PLEASE NOTE: I do not practice Reiki, Clairvoyance or any other New Age services as I work with the most powerful and pure source of love from Almighty God (Our Creator), God of Israel (Yeshua; Christ Jesus) and the Holy Spirit, (the Spirit of God that is within us as our comforter and counsellor). Through my years of experience of hearing and sensing God’s presence I now know fully what is Truth or what is Counterfeit.    

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