Spiritual inner healing therapy

This therapy can consist of different modalities and processing levels, depending on your requirements. It is very intuitive and Holy Spirit led. It helps balance and process emotional, mental and spiritual dysfunctions that can block your true potential and goals. Relaxation, NLP techniques, Truth/Belief therapy may also be used to enhance positive outcomes, which would be discussed at the beginning. This is a very, gentle, relaxing, restorative process that paces with where you are at and may need more than one session. You can choose to lay on the therapy table or sit in a chair, whatever works best for you.

Hands on Healing Therapy- This therapy can be used without other modalities for relaxation and upliftment, and/or to help the healing process of physical conditions. I will say a prayer to myself or out loud if you are open to this and then I will lay my hands on your shoulders, head or feet or where ever I am led in order for you to receive the power of the Holy Spirit. Relaxed natural breathing rhythm will be encouraged to help you relax and let go the stresses and tension in your body. Healing to appropriate areas will be directed by the Holy Spirit if needed.

When the power of Holy Spirit touches your heart, amazing transformation can take place. God’s unconditional love and acceptance for you can bring peace and hope that you might never have experienced before. Through my many years of experience in witnessing this process, the main key for restoration is through your heart; - loving and accepting who you are right at this moment no matter how awful you may feel, and then verbalizing the positive aspects of what you want to change. This process can take time as you have held these beliefs within yourself often for a long time, so now you totally believe this is the real you which is false

Truth/Belief Therapy consists of bringing truth to the false beliefs that have governed your life which have been influenced by your experiences that have been placed upon you by others, circumstances, or vows you have placed upon yourself. Examples such as ‘you feel you’re ugly’ because that’s what the nasty college kids said to you when they teased you and now you are an adult, still full of self- hate, feel depressed and not accepted or ‘I have to do everything perfectly in order to be accepted’ because you were always told by your parents that whatever you did was never good enough. When your beliefs do not support you in your everyday life in achieving in what you want and deserve then maybe it’s time to look deeper within to what is really going on.

Neuro Linguistic programming – NLP – This form of therapy is very simple but effective in helping you to think and implement positive thoughts and outcomes into your everyday life. We become what we think and sometimes we need to speak or think positive statements to over- ride the negative ones that we often hear in our minds. This therapy is also helpful in boosting your self- confidence and changing the way the mind has retained a painful or unhelpful memory. What you want to say is totally discussed before we start the process. You are always in control of what you want to change or speak about.


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