Creation, Supernatural, End time info

My husband and I have been researching and watching many videos from around the world looking into the mystery of Creation and gaining deeper insight into the Book of Genesis (The Bible), and other written works across cultures of the world who all seem to have similar insights on  these topics, such as discussions on how the megalithic structures connect in patterns worldwide and how very advanced technology was used in their making. Other topics of interest include the Alien and UFO phenomena, technological advancement that behind the scenes is way beyond what we are actually shown. Giants from history and their existence in our present day  world. The offspring of the Fallen Angels know as Nephilim and the demonic activity that they represent. Also interwoven into a lot of these videos is discussion around the workings of The New World Order and the Elite that are behind these plans to gain control of the world and to create a superior race to humans (Genetic modification and DNA reprogramming). Also overviews of the books not in the Bible but so related to creation history,  such as The Book of Enoch, Jubilees, Septuagint. Etc.

This time in history is also very prevalent for the increase of  supernatural healing, prophecy and other phenomenon, especially through the power of the Holy Spirit. Miraculous healings' are taking place where physical ailments and conditions are fully healed as well as supernatural manifestations of, for example, people's fillings all turned to gold, in an instant. Also money appearing in accounts in the thousands, people's petrol tanks filled when empty out on a lonely road, people transported in time, arriving in a place in half the time it should of taken, just through having faith and knowing the supply comes from God, our Father in Heaven. 

This time in history does give people a lot of fear through the unknown and the advancing technology where humans are losing control through this advancement, but it is also a time of amazing glory and revival in the gifts that God gave us, which will give us strength, foresight and understanding to help us cope in these uncertain times. We must not let the fear over- ride us as the unknown negative forces thrive on these emotions and stir up this fear even more. Keeping calm, positive and having hope and forward planning distinguishes this fearfulness, reducing the powerlessness that we feel. Victory can be ours and joy again we can embrace. 

We will add videos as we can, but checking out the websites of the main videos already displayed will lead you to much more. Please let us know your thoughts and suggest videos you find that might be of interest to others and we can add them to our website. 

Many of the scholars are very well known, outstanding people that have been blessed to be able to understand all this information to forward on to us. They are very well researched in their topics and many have factual proof to back up what they discuss. The deception has been hidden from mankind until now and as we are approaching what many people regard as the End Times, the unseen world will start to reveal itself. Much of this is already happening, but sadly many of us in the world are being deceived as to what is really going on.

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