Meet Annarah Herd

I have working with Body/Mind Therapy for over 20 years and been counselling professionally since 2010,  including becoming an ACC registered counsellor for Sexual Abuse.

My gifts of insight and intuition, (Holy Spirit inspired), have always been a part of my Healing Practice. A sense of knowing and seeing the bigger picture for a person's life has been so rewarding and uplifting for them and for me. Transforming unwanted behaviour patterns and worn out beliefs help clear the way for the person's true potential, self control and amazing possibilities that they wouldn't have considered before.


"We seem to become what we think we are", limiting us from all that there is for us, giving us more peace, clarity, love, fun and purpose on many levels of our life.


My life has been my teacher for understanding myself and others and learning about how one can recover and become normalized again to live an everyday life after experiencing trauma and abuse, divorce, grief, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem etc. My experience of being a victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse, has also given me the compassion, learning and understanding to do the work that I so love today. - to walk alongside, empower and support others, to find their strengths, passions, their gifts, their lost sense of fun and joy, through all the beliefs, the barriers and blocks that they have taken upon themselves through their experiences of their own and others.

My strong Faith,  has given me strength, that courage, and that hope and faith to know that there is always a way through and the light does shine again and the treasure is revealed as the layers are cleared away.


I am located in the sunny Bay Of Plenty, and am living and renovating a home in Te Puke. I am very happily married to Rob, an amazing supportive man,  Have had four  special children and now enjoy beautiful grandchildren.

My Approach

I work with a holistic, mindful, spiritual approach, working to promote positive change, helping you to understand, the blocks and unhelpful patterns you want to change. Discover your gifts, personality style, dreams and goals and also making sense of the present by looking at what has shaped your thinking and feelings through past experiences. This helps to understand why and how you relate to yourself and others.    Can also relate from a Christian perspective, if needed.

As everyone is so unique in their experiences and challenges I have a range of  techniques and models to draw upon to tailor the sessions to your individual requirements including; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Client Centred, Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Art Therapy, Creative Writing, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Spiritual Inner Healing, Inner Child Journeying, Personality Analysis, Relaxation Techniques and more.

My Experience

I have worked in my own Private Practice since 1998, and from 2010 have had experience counselling, as an Alcohol and Drug Clinician at Hanmer Clinic, at a Christian based A & D Rehabilitation Centre. Worked in Colleges counselling young people 9 years upwards, and currently am an ACC Provider for Sexual Abuse Counselling. I have worked with varied cultures, individuals, couples, adolescents and Young People, disabled and terminally ill. I have also organised and facilitated groups for Personal and Spiritual Growth and Tools for Everyday Living.

My Qualifications

I have a Weltec Counselling Diploma and also a Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a certificate in Life Coaching, Art Therapy, Isiah61 Inner Healing Model, and am ACC Registered for Sensitive Claims, WINZ registered and have been a full member of the New Zealand Christian Counselling Association (MNZCCA) since 2012.

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